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Hook & Loop Fastening Velcro Tape

About Velcro Tape

Generally velcro is known as a fabric hook and loop fastener, historically it was developed in 1948 by George de Mestral who is the Swiss electrical engineer. This type of tape happens to be available since then and right now it’s to be found in a variety of lengths. It features a number of uses and benefits. The name of the tape, Velcro, is also come from the name of the company that first produced and marketed from the commercial perspective.

1″ Velcro Tape (Black and white color available)


Without adhesive tapes


With adhesive tapes


Multi-purposes: It can be applied for a wide array of usages. For instant, you can use it on shoe closures, clothing, cable management, cuff tighteners and many more. Furthermore, this tape is very sturdy and for that reason it is able to support certain weight.

Light Weight: the tape is make of light weight material and is rather simple and easy to use. You can have it fixed on to shoes, clothes, wires, pipes as well as other materials with ease.

Machine washable: One of the appealing features of the velcro tape is undoubtedly that it’s fairly durable. It could be washed effortlessly since most of the materials are produced from polyester and nylon.


Fastener: Many people using it as fastener on carpets and rugs at homes and also offices. The tape also can be used to position cushions on chairs. It comes in handy for you to wrap your house or office cords and cables of electronic devices. In addition, it can also be used on kitchen cabinets as well as other equipment.

Simple and Easy to Use: It is rather easy for anyone to make use of these tapes. Ones can just rip it off from one another. It tends to adheres to the surface area with ease which can be the reason it is preferable tape for many people to use in their homes. Besides, the velcro tape is commonly being used on clothes for handicap people as it can ease the process of wearing clothes for them.

Hang Items: You can get rid of the hassle of needing to drill holes on walls in order to hang things since you can just stick these tapes on the walls in a minute and hang objects then. Most people love to adhere this tape on the wall for them to hang small signs, notes, key chains, handmade cards and so on.

Strap few Items in bundle: If your office got a lot of computer equipments that having a lot of cables laying on the floor which can present with a messy environment for you to work, then you can use it to bundle all the cables and cords together. Many households with garden or backyard also use this tape to bundle their garden hoses.

Adhesive Velcro Tape – Hook and Loop Fasteners

Nowadays, adhesive backed velcro tape is becoming very popular all over the world for their hook and loop fasteners. With the ever increase popularity, the adhesives have had to develop to be able to stick effectively all over the substrates. .

With so many advantages this velcro tape has, fabric can be one area that can make some difficulty. Even though sew-on velcro is commonly used on clothing, but sewing at home can be a tough job due to adhesive hook and loop may not adhere perfectly to just about any fabric. You may click on the link to get the prices for different type of products that are available. We are the reliable tape supplier in Malaysia that you can count on.