Zhongshan Xinwei

landscaping/freightage / Engineering product

Outdoor equipment is complicated enough.  Hook and loop  provide easy solutions for everything from bundling up camping gear to organizing your garden , and transit , our velcro strapping tape in damp, drought, extreme heat, cold and freezing weather conditions can work well, and can effectively reduce the damage to crops.


Children/ baby / toy field

Velcro technology in the personal care market continues to pursue innovation, product differentiation and market share.We provide children, baby supplies, toys industries in such aspects as performance, soft, production efficiency .


Medical . Nursing, ICU field

From hospital gown these disposable products to breathing head cover the repeated use of the equipment, xin wei Velcro products are widely used in medical equipment and configuration in the solution.we have established business relationships with  first-class medical equipment company at home and abroad , and serving  fastening material velcro .


Clothes/ Luggage/shoes field

Seeking fashion and footwear brand design and function optimization, xin wei weaving magic stick a new solution for your needs, aims to meet cutting-edge design and improving the performance of the finished product


Pets/ Animals/ Househould

Xinwei velcro cable tie, can bundled with the product for the customer created a reusable packaging materials, can not only help customers to ensure the safety of the workplace, and can reduce cost, reduce waste.We provide customers with a wide range of for the use of bag and carton strapping tape solution


Outdoor/ Sports / Sports goods field

In your outdoors, to seek the best combination of fashion and performance in sports, xin wei velcro, adhesive backed velcro, back to back velcro products will be your choice.We provide customers with unparalleled velcro in the outdoors, sports, etc solutions, make your marketing, design, production team they needed in the design of flexibility.


Textile/ Military Industry / fire service inventory

Xinwei velcro serving different colors of reusable solution ,can be used in bundling, to sort out without having to compromise the visual signal and the requirement of near infrared spectral range.No matter is the power cord, wire management, melting zone or vacuum tube hydration management, can be properly applied.


Office / Booth  / Kitchen field

Whether industry exhibition, live show, or promotional display, office, or kitchen xinwei Velcro products all use convenient.Can easily put off and won't cause any damage.Xin wei back to back Velcro made  the exhibition  more portable.


Computer /Mobile Phone / Cable field

Xinwei Velcro cable tie have various length, intensity and color, suitable for sorting data line, management of various electrical wiring harness, fiber optics, etc.We also can provide deep processing products, such as printing figure, fire prevention, waterproof products, all of these can meet the most demanding safety codes


Plane/ Car/ Ship

Our company produce the fastening belt/magic stick at high temperature, low temperature and moderate relatively large extreme circumstances, can be flexible to recycle.Unparalleled price at the same time, the use of compact structure, strong performance is worth you have.